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Dirección:Km. 7.3 Carretera 153 Bo. Jauca Santa Isabel, P.R. 00757
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Bgreen Dispensary is a Santa Isabel Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bgreen Dispensary strives to introduce compassionate cannabis care and high-quality medical marijuana treatments to the suffering patient population of Santa Isabel and beyond. Coupling knowledgeable medical service and a range of effective marijuana therapies, Bgreen Dispensary proudly open their doors to the medical marijuana patient community. History: The founders of Bgreen combined their years of experience working as doctors, health insurance providers and pharmacists to create a compassionate, caring medical marijuana dispensary chain. As advocates of patient welfare through alternative therapies, they opened Bgreen Dispensary to offer patients a safe and affordable haven to access medical marijuana treatment and knowledge. Opening their doors in May of 2017, Bgreen Dispensary is dedicated to revitalizing the lives of the patients who walk through their doors. They keep their prices as affordable as possible and pass every available saving on to their Santa Isabel patients. With many facilities located throughout the island, and medical marijuana patient in Puerto Rico can easily access their cannabis medicine through Bgreen’s network of dispensaries. Menu: Bgreen Dispensary strives to offer their marijuana patients as many options for treatment as possible, stocking varieties of flower, edibles, wax, vaporizer cartridges, Rick Simpson Oil, topicals, tinctures, and more to fit a range of needs. Bgreen Dispensary’s partnered vendors craft a variety of high-quality medical marijuana goods, to offer the most efficient and cost-effective treatment to patients. All cannabis goods are neatly packaged in smell-proof bags, and every treatment undergoes lab testing before making it to Bgreen Dispensary in Santa Isabel. In addition to marijuana therapies, Bgreen Dispensary sells various vaporizers and other accessories to aid in medicine consumption. Currently, Bgreen Dispensary may accept cash only from their visiting patients. Current opening-day deals offer a free cannabis gift with each first-time patient purchase, and Bgreen Dispensary communicates with their clientele via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, their website or on the phone. Their Santa Isabel facility provides convenient, and ADA accessible parking and walk-ins are accommodated during all business hours. Service Locations: Their Santa Isabel area lies in the Plaza Santa Isabel next to the Walmart Supercenter. Bgreen Dispensary is a convenient drive from Hacienda Esmeralda, Portal Del Valle, Hacienda Buena Vista, and El Ojo. Traveling patients also may access their facility from the Cayures, Estacion Santa Isabel, Hacienda Pales, Jauca, and Velazquez areas. Their dispensary caters to patients journeying from Playa Cortada, Playita Cortada, Chardon and Hacienda Florida, and whether venturing from Comunidad Villa Brabe, Los Puertos or Banos De Coamo, Bgreen Dispensary caters to any qualifying medical marijuana patient. Location Information: Santa Isabel lies on the southern coast of Puerto Rico, home to the Lago Coamo and the Rio Coamo before it empties into the Caribbean Sea. The Padre Severo Ferrer Memorial is a historical landmark located in the urban center of Santa Isabel, while the Plaza Prados del Sur further north offers dozens of retail opportunities for visitors. The El Platanar restaurant attracts both tourists and residents alike, and moviegoers can catch the latest films at the Caribbean Cinemas. From the Medical Center Centro De Salud Primario to the Jose “Chevel” Park, Bgreen Dispensary in Santa Isabel proudly serves their patients.