Top 5 Benefits of Medical Cannabis Tinctures

Did you know tinctures were once the most popular form of cannabis medicine? In fact, until prohibition began in the late 1930s, cannabis tinctures were available at most pharmacies. Today, tinctures are gaining popularity once again. A liquid concentrate of cannabis, tinctures offer simple and rapid dosage. Curious if tinctures are right for you? Here are some of the amazing benefits of cannabis tinctures.

1.) Tinctures Offer a Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Smoking is only one way to consume cannabis. While it may be the most popular method, it’s not necessarily the healthiest. Smoking any substance (including cannabis) can irritate the respiratory system. Smoking is also linked to poor effects on our skin like suppressed collagen production, which can lead to premature aging. For patients who want to avoid the negative health effects of smoking, tinctures are a great alternative. Because tinctures can be taken sublingually (under the tongue), they take effect quickly, which is ideal for patients who need a rapid yet smokeless method of consumption.

2.) Tinctures Provide Rapid Delivery of Medicine

Tinctures placed directly under the tongue take effect quickly. In fact, patients can expect onset within five to ten minutes. This is a huge advantage of tinctures in comparison to edibles,sick little boy in a hospital bed which normally take forty-five minutes to one hour. Why are tinctures so much faster? Tinctures immediately enter the bloodstream when placed under the tongue. This allows them to be instantly absorbed for rapid onset. Keep in mind that for best results, you should keep the tincture under your tongue for thirty to sixty seconds before swallowing.

3.) Tinctures are Safe for Pediatric Patients

Tinctures are one of the safest forms of cannabis medicine, especially for pediatric patients. Not only are tinctures smoke-free, they’re also easy to use and provide controlled dosing. Which means patients of all ages can consume tinctures with ease. For parents who are concerned about the psychoactive effects, there are numerous non-psychoactive options available. In fact, you can find CBD dominant tinctures or even tinctures made with exclusively acidic cannabinoids (THCA and CDBA).

4.) Dosing is Discreet with Tinctures

Bottles-with-upg-seal1-1024x815Searching for a cannabis medicine you can take on the go? How about something that is odorless? If so, look no further than tinctures. Because tinctures resemble conventional pharmaceutical medicines, it’s easy to be discreet when medicating. After all, few people are going to notice if you place a few drops under your tongue, especially in comparison to lighting a joint. Tinctures are also small enough to fit in most backpacks, satchels, or purses.

5.) Tinctures are a Versatile Medicine

Need a high THC medication? How about CBD or CBDA? One of the advantages of tinctures is that there are so many different cannabinoid options available. Each type of tincture offers distinct uses and benefits. So whether you’re targeting a specific condition or searching for a daily supplement, tinctures are a versatile option. In addition, because there is no heat applied during dosing, tinctures preserve more beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes than other forms of cannabis medicine.

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